‘Girls’ Will Likely End After Season 6, Lena Dunham Says


Lena Dunham told radio host Elvis Duran on Tuesday that she thinks her HBO show “Girls” will end after its sixth season


“Never say never, but that is the way that we’re thinking about it right now, and we’re starting to think about sort of how to wrap up the storylines of these particular young women,” Dunham said on Z100’s “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show.” “I started working on this show when I was 23, and now I’m going to be 30 so it kind of feels right that this show kind of sandwiched my 20s and then I go off into the world.”


Season 5 of “Girls” premieres this January; filming wrapped in August. HBO has not yet renewed the series beyond that, but the network rarely renews more than one season at a time — and the show still attracts enough buzz that renewal seems like a sure thing. Plus, Dunham told Variety in April that she and showrunner Jenni Konner had discussed the idea of ending the show after season 6 with HBO, explaining that she prefers the British model of limited TV runs to the American determination to continue shows for as long as possible.


Don’t cry for Dunham, though: she has lots of other stuff on her plate. She also discussed her views on feminism, her upcoming guest spot on “The Simpsons” and her new email newsletter Lenny in the course of the 7-minute interview with Duran, which you can listen to in full here: 


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Why You Should Use a Skin Gel With No Hydroquinone

Why You Should Use a Skin Gel With No HydroquinoneHydroquinone has been in use as an ingredient in many skin lightening creams and for improving the appearance of discoloration and scarring on the skin. While its efficacy has not been called into question, serious concerns have been raised concerning the safety of its use. The beauty website http://bestwhiteningcream.net highlights some of these concerns.


Skin irritation


Use of this chemical compound has been shown to cause skin irritation, which is accompanied by patches of red on the skin as well as itching.


Ochronisis risk


Repeated use of products containing hydroquinone over a long period may have been linked with the development of this chronic skin disorder, and especially so for users who are dark-skinned. Skin thickening and progressive darkening are characteristic of ochronisis.




Skin damage by the sun


Hydroquinone serves to inhibit the production levels of melanin by skin cells. Smaller amounts of melanin make the skin more susceptible to UV rays and exposure to direct sunlight may cause considerable damage to the skin. It is, for this reason, that packages of creams containing hydroquinone often come accompanied by explicit directions from the manufacturer advising the user to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun while using the products.




Hydroquinone, possibly carcinogenic?


The Meladerm review site http://bestwhiteningcream.net points out that several clinical studies over the years have pointed to the potential dangers of using hydroquinone as evidence suggests that the compound has inherent properties that cause cancer, although it’s not yet clear if the FDA agrees. These studies, however, are largely inconclusive, owing to the fact that no human subjects have been used in the experiments. While there is no tangible evidence in play, the fact that research experts have made significant progress with non-human subjects is more than enough reason to support why you should use a skin cream without hydroquinone.




Hydroquinone is an active ingredient in most topical applications and creams. We aren’t medical professionals, but the studies are enough to be concerning. Although the FDA permits hydroquinone currently, its use presents serious concerns, which has served as the premise for banning its use in some nations. Users can select from other available alternatives that do not contain the compound for beautiful,and most importantly, healthy skin.

Picking the Perfect Skin Lightening Cream

Picking the Perfect Skin Lightening CreamThe skin is the largest organ of your body and forms the first line of defense of the immune system. It plays an important role in keeping away bacteria and also helps in covering and protection of the internal organs and muscles. Thus it is very important for us to keep our skin healthy. One of the first things that we notice about people include their facial features and the skin complexion. Skin lightening creams can help you even your skin tone. Skin lightening creams are used by a number of people to obtain a fairer skin and look more beautiful. These creams are easily available in the market and can be bought by you easily, but http://bestwhiteningcream.net/ says that there are certain things to consider when choosing a skin cream that you should keep in mind.


1. The ingredients: One of the most important things to check is the list of ingredients. You should check that the cream does not contain anything that will make you sick or else you will land in a lot of trouble.


2. Natural or synthetic: You should check if the cream is obtained from natural or artificial sources. You should always give preference to naturally derived creams as they will not harm your skin.


3. Avoid perfumed creams: Perfumes are added in creams to enhance their selling appeal. Perfumes can cause harm to the skin in the long run so you should avoid perfumed creams.


4. Look for antioxidants in the ingredients: Anti-oxidants help in removing free radicals and make your skin look younger. You should buy the creams which have anti-oxidants in them.


5. Sun protection: It is an added benefit to have sun block in your cream. Sun block will ensure that your skin does not get burnt in the sun according to research at http://bestwhiteningcream.net/ .


6. Choose according to your skin type: Choose from mild, sensitive, rough, etc. according to the needs of your skin.


Thus these are the things to consider when choosing a beauty cream. Note that we aren’t doctors, and these are just general recommendations.

How to Hide Hyperpigmentation

How to Hide HyperpigmentationIt is disappointing to still have blemishes even after applying layers of makeup. Whether the blemishes are from hyperpigmentation, acne or scars, they all result to an uneven skin tone. They can however be covered. Put simply, hyperpigmentation is overactive production of pigment. It may be caused by injuries on the skin, over production of melanin or too much exposure to ultra-violet rays among others. Hyperpigmentation introduces patches on the skin. By using the right type of skin lightening creams and other beauty products like those on http://bestwhiteningcream.net, you will get an even skin tone.


Applying Special Concealers


The average concealer is thin and at times runny. Though they come handy in covering small blemishes on the skin, they are helpless in covering heavy and widely spread dark spots. For large areas of skin hyperpigmentation, a heavy duty concealer comes handy. These are designed specifically for this purpose and they act both as a foundation and as a concealer.


Use of a Color Corrector


A corrector is a skin lightening cream used underneath makeup. A color corrector, once applied beneath the makeup, masks the dark spots on your skin. Whether it is called a whitening, clearing or lightening corrector, the result is the same; even skin tone. The benefit of color correctors over other methods is that they work fast to subdue hyperpigmentation and can even prevent future blemishes.


Complementary Coverage Kits


These are product lines that offer comprehensive collections including a primer, a foundation, and a powder all in one kit. When you need to conceal, a foundation alone does not suffice, it is for this reason that multi-purpose kits offer a smoothening base, full foundation and a finishing touch of powder. Some kits will even feature a how-to DVD according to http://bestwhiteningcream.net . In conclusion, it is advisable that you choose products that not only cover your blemishes but also prevent future blemishes. You should also use a variety of products before choosing one that works best for your skin.

Getting Radiant With Beauty Creams

Getting Radiant With Beauty CreamsWe all yearn for younger looking skin. You can look your best in and these beauty tips to make you look fabulous from tip to toe. Fill your cabinet with these creams to make your skin radiant and supple. You will obviously begin with the face but be sure not to neglect other parts of the body that we sometimes tend to forget in our knees and elbows. Read more at http://bestwhiteningcream.net/ for more information.






A good night rest helps you look your best because repairs itself and new cells are formed to replace older ones. You will wake up with brighter skin and less dark circles. Sleep enhances your complexion naturally; beauty creams give an additional boost. Use these as recommended and wake up feeling and looking wonderful.




Use Night Cream that moisturizes and may make your skin appear younger. Use a night cream that has peptides, retinols and retinoid, and vitamin c. They assist in reducing the appearance of age and fine lines, boost your skin’s suppleness and firmness, prevent radical damage and renew skins cells faster.




Lavender-Scented Lotions moisturize skin and sleep better after a full-body moisturizer. You can use a pillow spray if you hate applying lotion before bed.




Eye Creams will have you waking up clear -eyed. Pat on some eye cream that has retinol, sometimes it can irritate delicate skin. Nighttime creams that contain peptieds are be the gentler option.




Foot Creams should be used at least thrice a week. According to http://bestwhiteningcream.net/ you should apply a generous amount of cream that contains lactic acid on your feet before bed. This helps make your feet smooth by softening dead skin cells.




Sleeping with your makeup increases your chances of breakouts and infections. Thoroughly wash your face and remove makeup before bed. Some face washes contain aromas that help you to relax. Remember to drink plenty of water and eat fresh fruits and vegetables as this also helps.