How to Hide Hyperpigmentation

How to Hide HyperpigmentationIt is disappointing to still have blemishes even after applying layers of makeup. Whether the blemishes are from hyperpigmentation, acne or scars, they all result to an uneven skin tone. They can however be covered. Put simply, hyperpigmentation is overactive production of pigment. It may be caused by injuries on the skin, over production of melanin or too much exposure to ultra-violet rays among others. Hyperpigmentation introduces patches on the skin. By using the right type of skin lightening creams and other beauty products like those on, you will get an even skin tone.


Applying Special Concealers


The average concealer is thin and at times runny. Though they come handy in covering small blemishes on the skin, they are helpless in covering heavy and widely spread dark spots. For large areas of skin hyperpigmentation, a heavy duty concealer comes handy. These are designed specifically for this purpose and they act both as a foundation and as a concealer.


Use of a Color Corrector


A corrector is a skin lightening cream used underneath makeup. A color corrector, once applied beneath the makeup, masks the dark spots on your skin. Whether it is called a whitening, clearing or lightening corrector, the result is the same; even skin tone. The benefit of color correctors over other methods is that they work fast to subdue hyperpigmentation and can even prevent future blemishes.


Complementary Coverage Kits


These are product lines that offer comprehensive collections including a primer, a foundation, and a powder all in one kit. When you need to conceal, a foundation alone does not suffice, it is for this reason that multi-purpose kits offer a smoothening base, full foundation and a finishing touch of powder. Some kits will even feature a how-to DVD according to . In conclusion, it is advisable that you choose products that not only cover your blemishes but also prevent future blemishes. You should also use a variety of products before choosing one that works best for your skin.


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