Why You Should Use a Skin Gel With No Hydroquinone

Why You Should Use a Skin Gel With No HydroquinoneHydroquinone has been in use as an ingredient in many skin lightening creams and for improving the appearance of discoloration and scarring on the skin. While its efficacy has not been called into question, serious concerns have been raised concerning the safety of its use. The beauty website http://bestwhiteningcream.net highlights some of these concerns.


Skin irritation


Use of this chemical compound has been shown to cause skin irritation, which is accompanied by patches of red on the skin as well as itching.


Ochronisis risk


Repeated use of products containing hydroquinone over a long period may have been linked with the development of this chronic skin disorder, and especially so for users who are dark-skinned. Skin thickening and progressive darkening are characteristic of ochronisis.




Skin damage by the sun


Hydroquinone serves to inhibit the production levels of melanin by skin cells. Smaller amounts of melanin make the skin more susceptible to UV rays and exposure to direct sunlight may cause considerable damage to the skin. It is, for this reason, that packages of creams containing hydroquinone often come accompanied by explicit directions from the manufacturer advising the user to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun while using the products.




Hydroquinone, possibly carcinogenic?


The Meladerm review site http://bestwhiteningcream.net points out that several clinical studies over the years have pointed to the potential dangers of using hydroquinone as evidence suggests that the compound has inherent properties that cause cancer, although it’s not yet clear if the FDA agrees. These studies, however, are largely inconclusive, owing to the fact that no human subjects have been used in the experiments. While there is no tangible evidence in play, the fact that research experts have made significant progress with non-human subjects is more than enough reason to support why you should use a skin cream without hydroquinone.




Hydroquinone is an active ingredient in most topical applications and creams. We aren’t medical professionals, but the studies are enough to be concerning. Although the FDA permits hydroquinone currently, its use presents serious concerns, which has served as the premise for banning its use in some nations. Users can select from other available alternatives that do not contain the compound for beautiful,and most importantly, healthy skin.


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