Sylvester Stallone’s Beautiful Family Shows Him Up On The Red Carpet

Sylvester Stallone’s gorgeous family accompanied him to the premiere of “Creed” Thursday night, and ended up stealing the show. 


Stallone’s model wife, Jennifer Flavin, and three teenage daughters (Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet) all wore beautiful dresses. While the 69-year-old actor may be able to throw a few good punches in the boxing ring, its his family that’s the real knockout! 


“Creed” hits theaters on Nov. 25. 


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Humans Can Hibernate, Too, Thanks To A Realistic Bear Sleeping Bag

Does winter make you growl? Does the cold make you yearn for fur?


If your answer is, “Does a bear crap in the woods?” then you’ll be happy to know there’s a cure-all to your hibernation — a sleeping bag shaped as a gigantic bear.




The bag, which one can only assume is soft enough to meet the fuzzy-wuzzy standards of Snuggle the Fabric Softener Bear, is called the “Great Sleeping Bear” is the work of Dutch artist Eiko Ishizawa.


Photos of the sleeping bag started appearing online in 2009, and the artist wrote in 2013 that she’d start selling a limited number of the bears — all of which are handmade — the next year. But the bags started seeing renewed popularity online this week, probably because it’s the time of year when everyone is dreaming of hibernating until warmer weather arrives.




Ishizawa wrote about why she created the bag on her website:


By having the experience of transitional discoveries like finding a bear, realizing a little human face in his mouth, and recognizing details and shape of this commodity, I attempt to create this work as to be a medium for audiences to generate one’s transitional perceptions and fantasies in reality.


Basically, if you ever wondered what it’s like to be a bear, this is your chance.


But you have to act quickly. “This work will be limitedly produced in unknown period, approximately only within these years,” the site states. on the site. Plus, this sleeping bag has a price tag that is sure to Baloo your mind — $2,350.


If you can bear the cost, you can order it at Ishizawa’s website.


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What It’s Really Like To Be A Parent During Thanksgiving


Always in the holiday spirit, the Holderness family is back with a new Thanksgiving-themed parody video. 


But this time, they didn’t just cover one song — they created an “Ultimate Thanksgiving Mashup” featuring Adele’s “Hello,” Drake’s “Hotline Bling” and the international dance hit “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” by Silentó.


The rewritten lyrics cover some common Thanksgiving experiences, like cooking all night and day, watching your picky kids pass over the dishes you spent hours preparing and relieving your stress with a glass bottle of wine.


“Now watch me sip my chardon-nae-nae,” sings mom Kim Holderness. “Now do the turkey leg,” adds dad Penn. 


Happy basting!


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Here’s What Your Favorite ‘Star Wars’ Toys Look Like Today

If you spent your childhood fighting off all kinds of looming dark forces — like siblings, cousins, friends or neighborhood trees — then you probably get a warm, sentimental feeling each time you think of your trusty Luke Skywalker–green lightsaber.


Chances are the saber you’ll see on today’s toy store shelves while shopping for your own kids looks a little different cooler than the one you know and love. That’s why we’ve partnered with Duracell to look back at every die-hard “Star Wars” fan’s classic toys, and what the cutting-edge versions are like today.


1. Lightsaber


star wars


Memories of Toymorrow


Then: If you’re a child of the original “Star Wars” trilogy, you definitely remember the giddy excitement you felt as you prepared to play with this inflatable lightsaber. (Or maybe it was lightheadedness from all the energy it took to blow up it up?) Either way, you spent countless hours in your family’s dark, dusty basement relentlessly battling all kinds of imagination-fueled galactic battles.






Now: “Modern” lightsabers (they’ve come a long way!) are sturdier, more high-tech and less likely to make you dizzy and faint before battle. This color-changing saber goes from Anakin blue to Darth Vader red at the flip of a switch.


2. Darth Vader Voice Changer


darth vader




Then: Whether you had the full-on helmet or a simple handheld device, there’s no shame in how much time you spent as a child uttering, “Luke, I am your father,” into these Darth Vader voice changers.


phone app


Now: Today kids need nothing more than an Internet connection and a smartphone to transform into the Galactic Empire’s most loyal servant. There are countless iPhone and Android apps out there that will transform your voice at the push of a button, like this one available through Google Play.


3. Top-Of-The-Line Video Games


star wars




Then: If you still think the Battle of Hoth in Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire, released in 1996 for Nintendo 64, is the all-time best version, you’re probably not alone. (Nor are you alone if you like to indulge in the occasional throwback game.) But whatever you do, don’t blow on those old Nintendo 64 game cartridges to get them to work! It actually does more harm than good.


star wars battlefront




Now: Your (video game) loyalties may be in for a test, though. Transport yourself to a galaxy far, far away in the new “Star Wars Battlefront,” due out Nov. 17 on several consoles, which puts you in the thick of the Rebel Alliance battle with more immersive gaming experiences and realistic visuals.


4. Interactive Money Banks


star wars




Then: Even if you weren’t a die-hard “Star Wars” fan, these interactive banks made you wish you were. If you were lucky enough to own all three — Darth Maul, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi — you know just how fascinating it was to watch them spring to life at the wave of your hand.


star wars




Now: Today’s “Star Wars”–themed interactive banks are light-years ahead in their technologies. While the original banks relied on coin operation and motion sensors, this R2-D2 interactive bank is smartphone compatible. It even includes an app that allows you to insert your smartphone into the top of the bank to enter a four-digit unlock code. Safe will your loose change be.


5. Remote-Controlled Droids


star wars




Then: This original remote-controlled droid, cool as it was, could only execute a handful of actions: moving forward and backward, turning side to side, flashing red and making robot sounds. If you owned one of these originals, you know you’ll probably never forget that whirling, mechanical sound. Not ever.


star wars




Now: We’ve come a long way from those original droid toys — Apple’s version of the newest member of the “Star Wars” family, BB-8, is app-enabled. She can be controlled remotely through your iPhone or iPad, respond to voice recognition and adapt her personality as you both interact.


With Duracell and “Star Wars,” the power of a child’s imagination is limitless, since Duracell lasts longer in 99 percent of devices*. See how these young Jedi power up to battle Kylo Ren, Stormtroopers and more right in their own backyard.


*Lasts longer in 99 percent of devices vs. the next leading competitive brand. AA size. Based on 2015 ANSI performance tests. Results vary by devices and usage patterns. Next leading alkaline based on market sales data.

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How CAD/CAM Can Benefit Your Organization

How CAD/CAM Can Benefit Your OrganizationHow CAD/CAM Can Benefit Your Company composed by: Alexisnunez CAD (Computer Aid Design) includes the development of computer models just defined by a set of geometrical specifications.



These specifications tend to be 3D representations of any part or system of parts, which anyone can alter by altering some appropriate specifications. DNC and CNC systems are frequently associated with CAMERA systems.