New Artist Reviews: Jim Wellman



There are many faces of music which cater to the many faces of humans. Founding member of the group the Brand New Heavies, Jim Wellman, is set to release his upcoming solo project titled Dawn to Dusk, a record of dissent. “The album is social commentary but viewed through perspectives of human psychological evolution and analysis of mass communication and propaganda,” Wellman describes. “The core of the work is the understanding that Man lives in a world of amazing technological development but is still encumbered with medieval forms of government by representatives who serve mainly the interests of the elite.”


After leaving the Brand New Heavies, Wellman had no intent of rekindling a career in the music industry. As he lived out his life, he became unsettled by various world events, in particular, the Western support of fascism in the Ukraine as well as the manipulative propaganda constantly spewing from the mainstream media. Like most artists, his musical dormancy was reactivated as he began to write music as a way to express his disdain for our world’s dissent.


Spending over a year in production, Wellman created a new jazz/funk/disco concept album entitled Dawn to Dusk which he considers to be his magnum opus. Driven by subversive subject matter, Wellman’s attempt was to use music as a tool for change, as many other artists have in the past. He digs deep into the the mechanisms of human evolution to show how enormously flawed our society has become. He is an advocate for new forms of direct democracy and examines the very core of society’s proverbial knot that is very far from untangling.


Musically, Dawn to Dusk is neatly composed and sweet sounding to our ears. Smooth melodies, sweeping vocals and swishing percussion deliver a heavy message with ease. The dichotomy of his upbeat style and his quest for change makes for a powerful combination as he avoids aggressive sounds to allow the music to reach a wider audience. After all, the herald must be heard in order deliver his message.


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